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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Our community needs each other now more than ever. At times like these, I think to myself, 'What can I do?' One of my visions of starting Inspire PT was to be more accessible for the community. With a cash based model, that isn't always possible. After brainstorming different ways to offer my services to more people, I've ultimately decided to have a 30-minute "pay-what-you-can" option in hopes of being more accessible to those that need care. The few rules I have are this type of appointment may only be scheduled on Tuesdays and there is a $20 minimum. After trying to build my practice back up from the coronavirus shut-down, I had to set a minimum value to make it work. Bartering is also an option on a case-by-case basis. As always, thank you for trusting me with your care. We are in this together. #blacklivesmatter #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #rva #richmondva #paywhatyoucan

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