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What Clients Say

"I highly recommend going to see Laura! I’ve had back pain and tingling in my upper back for about two years now and after several months of working with Laura I’m doing so much better! I visited many doctors to get answers about my pain and went to two other physical therapy places (and saw multiple physical therapists at each location) which never resulted in such results as I have gotten after working with Laura! I’m in my thirties and was getting so discouraged being so young and in pain for so long now. Laura is the best of the best!"- B.F.




"I visited Dr. Welch with a complaint of back pain that recurred for several years. It was impacting my work and my personal fitness goals. Despite multiple chiropractors, physical therapists, and eventually medications, the pain from my lower back would not resolve. Dr. Welch, however, saw issues in the first and every subsequent evaluation what all the x-rays and scans had not been truly addressing. Moreover, she began a plan to address the root causes with more than just exercises and stretching typical to many of the physical therapy offices I'd attended. Dr. Welch is one of the few providers I've ever met in this field who asked about more than physical pain or activity. She asked about stressors, was concerned with goals and life outlook as well as mindset. She then suggested posture changes, movement cues, and inexpensive products and exercises to help shift the imbalances I'd been holding due to chronic pain and misalignment. She reeducated me on how to breathe and brace properly while sitting, which had become an anxious struggle for me. She encouraged me to think comprehensively about my nervous system, sleep and recuperation, and to how to practice better movement in accordance with our natural design in a modern world complicated by technologies and work practices. I highly recommend Dr. Welch to fellow athletes and work long hours with physical strain or anyone looking for a unique perspective into the comprehensive work needed to heal and strengthen one's body. Finally, but not least importantly, her office space was always safe, clean, and an inviting personal one-on-one space. Every patient I ever saw leave before me left smiling, and I was no exception. Her personality is intentionally present, and she genuinely cares about her patients and her work to help them. Dr. Welch is a rare provider in a wide health industry who possesses a positive mindset and healing energy that makes patients feel at ease. By feeling safe and knowing she is constantly developing her skills and knowledge, I was able to relax and trust the process of work central to the doctor-patient partnership." -J.D.

"Having run more than a dozen marathons and having seen many PTs, sports med MDs, and chiropractors, I truly believe I’ve found the “runner whisperer.” Laura takes a holistic, long-term approach to whatever problem I have, and yet I’m always on my way to recovery as soon as I leave her office. After my last visit, I was back to running in just a few days! That’s another thing about Inspire PT: you leave feeling optimistic that you’ll get back on the road and with the knowledge to make it happen. I send all my friends to Laura. Like them, I’m not sure what I would do without Inspire Physical Therapy." - T.P.

"After successfully weathering minor injuries with less hands-on and individualized therapy, I came to Laura with a more serious injury that led me through months of physical therapy straight to my wits end. Things got back on track once she got involved. She gives her patients the tools and information to be in the driver’s seat. No better feeling than being in control while supported by a physical therapist you can trust." - D.B.

"As a former physical therapist, I’m picky about who I choose to help me meet my goals for decreasing pain and improving movement. Laura schedules the necessary time to complete a thorough assessment. She listens and bears witness to those of us who live with chronic pain. Her approach includes a strong hands-on component and there really is no substitute for the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Laura is always learning; ask her about her most recent Continuing Education courses and she will blow you away with her expertise. With Laura’s guidance, I began a regular home exercise program, specifically tailored for me. She taught me what to look for in my exercises so that I might gain the most benefit. And all along the way, suggested resources such as books, exercise equipment, and other means of support. There is no question that I am living with less pain and improved function as a result of physical therapy with Laura. There was a time when I thought I might have to give up daily walks with friends and even simple tasks like putting on my shoes seemed impossible. But after regular PT sessions with Laura, I see significant progress, and maybe just as important, I feel hopeful. Seeking quality physical therapy from Laura has been a wise investment in my health and well-being, and I’m so happy I didn’t settle for anyone less than the best!" - D.H.

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