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Patient Centered Care

80 Minutes ($200)

Getting the entire picture.

Everyone's story is very unique.  That is why the first visit is all about the details!  At your initial evaluation, we will dive deep into the "why" by first gathering clues from your subjective history.  We will have a conversation about the multi-facets of your health including your symptoms, sleep, and diet as well as your past medical history.  We will observe the way you move with functional mobility and especially during the tasks that increase symptoms.  We then take all of the information we've learned and together, create a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.


50 ($150) or 80 Minutes ($200)

Finding your untapped potential.

Follow-up appointments are like mini re-evaluations.  This is when you get to come back and report all of the new things you have noticed about yourself and your body.  From there, we observe how you are moving and adjust your plan of care as needed.  It is an amazing journey of learning more about your body.  You will also receive hands-on techniques provided by the same physical therapist including mobilization of muscles, fascia, nerves, vessels, and viscera.  These techniques are followed by neuromuscular education so that your body learns to move more efficiently.


The Tools You Need

Physical Therapy takes a lot of work for both the patient and the physical therapist.  It is the patient's role to put in the dedication between visits to make a change in their system.  Our bodies are neuroplastic, meaning they have great capacity to change but it takes repetition and effort.  During each session, you can expect to learn more about yourself and the human body and be able to apply these principles throughout your life.  You will also experience physical changes in your system with each visit.  Your physical therapist will always be easy to reach via email, phone, or text for any questions you may have between visits.



Nothing changes if nothing changes.

In order for our tissues to change, there needs to be consistency in performing your home exercise program.  Think of the exercises as body lessons.  They are a way to teach your body and mind how to connect for more efficient movement.  To ease compliancy, Inspire PT offers to connect with each patient using an app that lists each exercise with parameters and instructions.  The app also allows you to keep track of how often you are completing your program.  Please inquire about this additional service.

Services: Services

80 Minutes

Perfect for the focused runner

What better way to invest in your running than with preventative medicine?!  This service includes a running gait analysis, a movement and stability screen, and a personalized exercise program made just for you that will help you address areas that need improvement.

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